'Spawn' or 'home' refers to the place where a character is first placed, aswell as the place where a character will go when the HOME spell is activated, or when the ::hometeleport command is used.Edit

Content of SpawnEdit

Spawn is a multi-purpose location. Many players use this location as a meeting place for trades, parties, or for social purposes.

This location includes many starter-based shops. NPCs such as Bob, Zeke, Horvik and Giles sell a vast array of low tier weapons for low level players. These merchants are found due north of the spawning tile, inside 

North bank

North end of banking Building. NPCs and their respective names (left to right) Mage of Zamorak, Duradel (PvM IP merchant), PvP IP Merchant, Extravagant IP Merchant, Dungeon Rewards trader. Upon the right wall, from back to front: Donator Point Merchant, Donator Point Merchant (titles)

the general store building.

Located just outside the general store, a player will find Explorer Jack and the Survival Expert. Walking due east from the spawning tile, into the nearest building, there lies a bank. To the north end of this building, (shown to the right) there are IP merchants, Donation point stores, and The Mage Of Zamorack (runecrafting)

Upon the west wall of this banking building there is a vote rewards chest, along with a Voting Point Merchant nearby.


SafePVP Merchant, SafePVP portal, Dynamic Event Portal. (respectively, left to right)

North of the Banks and East of the shops, two portals and another building can be found. One portal (labled Dynamic Event Portal, is RED) teleports the player to a current event happening in the game. (bandos invasion, etc) This portal WILL NOT teleport the player to a crashed star. Although a crashed star IS considered a dynamic event, this portal will not work for that purpose.

The leftmost portal (labled SafePVP Portal, Is WHITE) Teleports the player to FunPK, or SafePVP. Just like in the name, you can fight other players in full armour, with no risk. When the player dies, their armour is preserved.


The four altars, with Doctor Orbon (clad in white), and the two Rune Point NPCs.

Due south, there are four altars. Chaos altar, (white) altar (for prayer) aswell as an altar of guthix, (tan) altar (for magic). NPCs in this area consist of Doctor Orbon and two Rune Point merchants.


Getting Around-Talk to the Survival Expert (located due north, dressed in blue robes with white trim)