Welcome to the 1-99 thieving guide. One direct piece of advise: Be patient.

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How to StartEdit

Watch the slideshow, or read the directions, whichever you prefir.

  • Open up 'spells' tab and click on the W (highlighted in picture)
  • Click on Ardougne
  • Walk north-east until you find the 'Baker's stall'
  • click on the stall. click on it ALOT.
  • now you're well on your way!
Step 1: Open your spells tab. For those who dont know, it is the book on the top right.

step 2: Click on the spell with the W on it. It also has a blue background

step 3: Click ardougne

step 4: head north-west to reach the baker's stall

step 5: click on the stall to steal from it.

Your inventory will soon fill with random food items like bread and cakes. No worries though, you can sell them to sigmud the merchant for extra profit!



Hurt by a stall. Watch out!

Every time you attempt to steal from a stall, there is a chance that you will be injured. It is not a 100% chance, but it happens sometimes. The damages can be anywhere from 0-10 hp. This is important information for pures, since you can die in one hit from the stall. Bringing food is strongly suggested.


Levels and InfoEdit

Thieving Information
Level name coins loot EXP donator? location
1 Baker's 10,098 food 875 no Ardougne
25 Fur 10,098 furs 1400 no Ardogune
40 Spice 10,098 spices 1750 no Ardougne
75 Gem 21,780 Gems 3,500 no Ardougne
80 Bakery 10,098 d'hide body 4,200 yes Donator zone
90 Clothes 10,098 mystic hat 5,950 yes Donator Zone


Fur glitch

Locations where a player can steal on a spice and fur stall.

  • While trying to steal from a Fur stall, if you attempt to steal from the front of the stall, nothing will happen, You Must be along the side or behinnd it to successfully steal anything.
  • This bug also applies to the Spice stall.
  • The gem stall can only be use from the Front. This stall is exactly the opposite as the fur and spice.
  • The Gem stall gives the player the most money, even though it is not the highest tier of stall. This stall gives more than twice any other.
  • The bakery stall gives the player a piece of armor/armour
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